Media Player Plex

Plex is a SaaS company that provides a streaming service with all media types.
From free, on-demand Movies and Shows to your personal media content on your own server.

A seamless experience

During my time there, among other things, I was responsible for the media playback feature, which had to support multiple video and audio formats, like Movies, TV Shows, linear TV, Podcasts, Home videos, etc.

The objective was to guarantee a consistent experience regardless of the media format, device, or platform utilized, including mobile phones, televisions, desktop computers, or gaming consoles.

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Player view - TV and Mobile

Improving Features

With constant communication with stakeholders, we defined the strategy to improve the overall experience regardless of the device.

The features that were designed and developed have been implemented across all platforms, creating a unified experience. They were specifically optimized for each platform to ensure a robust and uniform experience for customers.

Timed lyrics - TV and Mobile


I'm really proud of our progress over the years of working on the playback feature, especially all the work related to creating an interface that's simple and intuitive on the surface but has many valuable features for power users under the hood.

Some achievements:

  • Post-play screen & suggestions
  • Ad support (Live TV & On Demand)
  • Chapter support
  • Subtitles offset
  • Lyrics
  • Playback modifiers
  • Sleep timer
Player controls - TV