Motion should be equally consider as any other part on modern Design Systems.

Bringing ideas to life

Back in the day, we had an amazing tool to create communication pieces called Flash. It mixed a few disciplines like graphic design, a programming language, and a timeline with keyframes to animate things.

And for me, it was love at first sight!

Improving the message

Animation it's capable of enhance the way that you communicate something and engage with the user in such a powerful way.

From complex intro animations with a full narrative, timing, and structure, to minor ones like state-change effects, preloaders, transitions, or just a visual feedback.

Context in Motion

Animation makes you think about what you're doing. When building a complex animation, tweaking values to get a natural, organic movement, you know if that motion graphic is working or not.

The thinking process to find a balance between speed and coherence, effects and narrative, makes the whole motion design job so appealing!