MummiesMotion Graphics

Core Animation's first film required UI and motion design for some specific scenes.

Tablet Operating System

In the movie, there are some scenes where the "bad guy" was controlling a remote drone with a tablet, and I was contacted to design the tablet's UI and interactions.

We began by discussing the desired look and feel, as well as auditing what features and tablet's screens would be showed on the different scenes.

Duration was also a critical factor in determining the art direction and the animation style.

Drone's camera in the tablet

The process

With those requirements, I created some low-fidelity concepts and motion references that could be easily scaled and adjusted to fit any future adjustments.

Through rapid evaluation and refinement, we were able to achieve the desired tone and narrative for the shots.

Once we were happy with the motion design and the visual language, we produce the final renders needed for the shots integration.

Tablet UI shots

Sequence Montage

I worked on another sequence of the movie: A montage to show the popularity rise of the song in a very short period.

Working closely with the editing team, we created the information panel for the news reporter, the streaming service website with the video playing, and the animated top chart list showing how the song was climbing up positions until it reached number one.

Once again, our goal was to find the right visuals and timing to increase the film's narrative.

News reporter shot in montage

Roll the credits

During the post-production phase, making the end credits roll was very complex due to the number of changes and design decisions.

To minimize the workload, I approached the credits roll using Figma to create styles for content visualization and auto-layout for building the different text blocks.

By establishing this strong foundation, making changes to the content and layout were accomplished quickly, resulting in significant cost savings for Production.

End Credits roll detail