Showpal / iShows Product Design

A 10-year side project evolved into a remarkable piece of software used by thousands of users across the globe.

Keep track of your TV Shows

ShowPal (formerly known as iShows) was born to have all your TV shows watching history up to date in an easy-to-use app.

Our goal was to establish an emotional connection between the user and the app, so we focused on personalization and customization as key factors to the product.

Additionally, we implemented a gesture-driven interface to enhance the overall user experience.

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ShowPal main view

The Process

A Design Thinking approach was used to understand the customer's needs and create a roadmap to develop the app.

We used user journeys and AB tests to obtain insights for our design decisions and to balance the user needs and requirements with our product vision to create an outstanding app.

We pioneered features like dark and light themes (in 2013), layout customization options (including content density), and many more features like:

  • integration
  • Backup and Sync between devices
  • Sorting options
  • Social layer
  • Performance (dedicated server)
Episode detail, Show detail, and Episode List views

Success by numbers

We have more than 420K downloads, and more than 300K unique users with an average use of 6K active users per month.

The app is translated in 15 languages and the core user base are in the USA, China, United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany.

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ShowPal Design file

Ever since I began teaching visual design at various schools and institutions, I have utilized ShowPal to demonstrate real-life scenarios to my students.

So, we decided to make the design file available to the community to help more students learn about app design and prototyping.

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ShowPal design file - Figma