This is a story of how a pet project evolved into a remarkable piece of software used by thousands of users across the globe.


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I'm not going to start coding again but...

Ok, there was a time I wanted to learn Objective-C. I actually took some classes and by the end of the course, I realized 2 things: In order to be a proper programmer, I would have to commit full time and I wasn't willing to drop my design job. The other was I was eager to collaborate with that course teacher because he really knows how to code.

After a couple of "meetings", we decided to do a TV tracker app for iOS. And there's no need to say that Luis Recuenco, my iShows partner, has become also one of my best friends!

A TV app, ok... but what would be our personal touch?

Even at that time, the landscape of TV Show tracker apps was a bit crowded, so in order to make a stab there, we should provide our users a fresh, newer experience in order to drop other apps.

The key for us was personalization and make the app super easy to use, so we picked the idea behind Apple i-products and make the app something unique to the user. Something they might feel as personal.

(Y)Our personal experience

To achieve that, we defined lots of ways to interact with the app. Not only tap actions but also with a ton of gestures, including complex ones with 2 fingers. That way, the user could feel that their common actions could be performed.

We provided as well a simple way of customizing the look of the app changing not only colors but also poster density as well as the visual layout. So each user could have a different look on their app with only a few adjustments.

On the visual side of things, this was a real challenge, because even with the customization tools, we wanted to avoid color schemes that decrease readability, or that could cause contrast issues.

You know how important is to balance between features and functionality on Product Design

What else do we have to do?

It was a really crazy experience for both of us. We have to do the same things a company does but with a crew of only two.

But fortunately, we had wide feedback when developing the app: From beta testers to friends, translators, and media (bloggers, podcasters, etc)

Thinking about it now seems like there were a lot of people that shared our vision on how to develop and design the app and they wanted to help us as much as possible.

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